We love landscapes.
We want you to love yours, too. 


YardKit is a collective of passionate landscape designers with experience transforming yards into something to love. 


Our Mission

We're on a mission to create simpler, less daunting solutions to having beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that fit within all lifestyles and budgets.


Our Beliefs

We've heard lots of horror stories about outdoor renovations, and we believe homeowners deserve better. Everyone deserves a thoughtful, beautiful outdoor space.

A well-designed environment can make a big difference, and thoughtful landscapes can increase home values, lower utility costs, improve mental and environmental health, and enhance your neighborhood. 

Best of all, they'll have you spending more time enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family, and we love getting people outside.


Our Heroes

Our YardKit customers are our heroes—we've seen people create spaces that take as much (or as little!) money and TLC as desired. 

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Meet Our Founder

Janice Nicol, YardKit's CEO, was having dinner with friends when one asked if she knew of anyone to help transform her new front yard. This wasn't the first time — in fact, she was asked this nearly every time she shared that she was a landscape architect. With the drought in California encouraging lower water use, and the home buying market picking up, many friends were looking to make a change.

Because she was designing big urban spaces like campuses and parks in San Francisco, Janice learned quickly how challenging it can be to navigate home renovations. Finding a designer is a difficult and time-consuming process, and you don’t always know who to trust in the world of contractors. 

Balancing design, usability, and ecologies in landscapes is complicated. Janice believes that the process to get there shouldn't be. 


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Questions? Ideas? Yard renovation stories to share? Reach out! We always love talking about landscapes. 

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