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They're not just for looks — 
landscape improvements have many benefits.


Avoid Costly Mistakes 

Diving into landscape projects without a careful plan results in furniture that doesn’t quite fit, plants that die months after planting, and areas that don’t flow together.

After you’re done with YardKit, you’ll have a thoughtful plan to hand over to a contractor, review with homeowner associations for approval, or take it to your local garden center for DIY renovations. Your plan will be at a 1"=10' scale, so you can trust that new features are realistic. No furniture-that-doesn't-fit here or costly contractor revisions mid-construction.

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Save a Lot on Fees

Hiring a private landscape designer or landscape architect costs $4,000 on average. Many homeowners try to avoid these fees by planning outdoor improvements themselves, without a process and without guidance.

YardKit will save you the costs of a private designer by getting you to a great result through simple principles and a proven process.

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Save on Design and Construction Costs

Save time and money by drawing from expert knowledge.  Hiring a landscape design professional can run thousands of dollars

Increase Curb Appeal

A home landscape can increase property values by 15%.  You'll also enjoy coming home to a beautiful, welcoming entry.   

Save on Utility Bills (While Helping the Planet)

Shade from trees can reduce air conditioning costs by 50%, plants suited to your climate can use up to 60% less water, and you're adding new habitat areas for local ecologies.

Enjoy Time Outside 

Nature provides many health and social benefits. Plants are nearly magic — they've been show to reduce stress, and neighborhood crime, while improving health markers like blood pressure, strengthening social connections,  and enhancing overall happiness.

Show Your Neighborhood Love

By adding plants, you're also enhancing the natural beauty of your neighborhood, the health of local animal and insect habitats, curbing pollution, and reconnecting complex ecological systems.  Planet Earth thanks you!


We Love Landscapes

We love them so much, in fact, that it pains us to see so many yards neglected or underused. Our vision is to turn dying lawns, overgrown gardens, and new, blank slates into something functional and beautiful.