Congratulations to the 2017 Winners!

We received hundreds of incredible 'Draw Your Dream Yard' entries from four to 12 year kids across the globe. The talent and imagination is astounding! We love the creative ideas for enjoying outdoor spaces and each illustration imagines a joyful and inclusive landscape that inspires us adults.

Basing their verdicts on the contest criteria of creativity, clarity of representation, and artistry, our talented judges have selected winners in both age categories. Congratulations to the selected artists, and a big thanks to all of this year's participants. 

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7 & Under Age Group

Susanna Simon Almeida from India!

Susanna's dream yard includes trees, a tree house with a rope ladder, a vegetable garden, children's play area (with a swing, slide, and sand pit), seats, a small koi fish pond, a tent area with camp fire, and a green lawn. There is also walking space around the yard, potted flower plants, a water tank and watering can near the vegetable garden, and a fence around the yard.

IMG_20171217_233449 2.png

8 to 12 Year Age Group

Yağmur Nisan Demir from Turkey!

Yağmur's dream yard includes a library, art and activity rooms on a big tree so children can work in nature and be happy. The welcoming garden has leaf-shaped table and chairs, a decorative pool, a park, and recycle bins. 'Octopus Roods" allow people to easily go to different places. You can easily go to different places by using octopus roods.



Surprise Winner

Luke R. from Ms. Glynn's class in California!


While we're unable to post every amazing artwork we received, take a look through other favorite Dream Yards: