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Happy Customers 

Your property has its own story, and we love celebrating it. We've seen how bringing beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces to life makes families happier, creates eco-friendly environments, and adds significant value to a home. 



Henry's Yard

You do awesome work and I really appreciate it! Wouldn’t be where we are without you. Thank you!

Though his creek-front property had good bones and beautifully grown-in trees, Henry's yard lacked cohesion with the rustic modern style of his home. It was also missing ways to have fun outside. 

YardKit's property design establishes priorities for installation over time. This plan has let Henry replace a mess of deer-eaten plants with a regulation-sized bocce court, and enjoy a meandering path network for Sunday strolls, a relaxing firepit area in place of trash storage just outside his kitchen windows, and plants that do well in the local California climate. 

The YardKit process has also protected his property from rising creek waters and drought-stricken trees. 

Laurel & Jerry's Yard

I am so impressed. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us—I feel like we leapt forward by miles!

Starting with a big-picture vision for the longer term development of Laurel and Jerry's lovely, but overgrown, landscape reassured the couple that all future improvements would map onto a dream landscape.  

The design includes a new deck for entertaining set right outside the kitchen, as well as a new patio for warm evenings and a parterre garden of favorite blooms. In addition to new features, the plan solves for a disjointed path network with one that balances efficiency and enjoyment, adds discreet deer fencing and privacy screening at property edges, and conceals highly visible utilities and trash bins. 


Sonja's Yard

Thank you for your great work!

Sonja reached out in frustration after a failed installation project — her urban courtyard was falling apart and it no longer met her family's needs.

She already had a beautiful picture in mind for her outdoor space, with styling to match her home's distinctive character, though it was improperly installed. Poorly selected plants were dying and water was cracking and staining the stone pavement. 

With a fresh vision, Sonja was able to bring life back to her garden beds, install proper systems, and swap out hardscape surfaces, all while adding flexible play spaces that could change as her daughter grows.