Meet Your Designer

Everything in the project came together exactly how I wanted it and I am thrilled.
— Laurel in Sausalito

Janice Nicol 

Design Lead

Urban Industrial  |  Light & Airy  |  Rustic Modern

Licensed Landscape Architect, RLA

Known for outdoor spaces that are at once elegant, highly functional, and considerate of their place and people, Janice has driven conceptualization and construction for clients across California.  

Coming from a background in fine arts, with undergraduate degrees in art and literature and a master's degree in landscape architecture, Janice brings an inspired and holistic point of view to the spaces she designs. Thoughtfully constructed beauty and environmental sustainability are at the heart of her landscapes. Prior to her work with YardKit, Janice worked on high-design projects for universities, campuses, and cities, counting Google and Stanford University among her clients. 

Janice's design work has been published across the media, including appearances in Vanity Fair, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the New York Times.

Transforming outdoor spaces to help families and homeowners feel good about life, continually enchanted by the beauty of the nature around them, and better connected to each other is what drives Janice's design work. 

San Francisco, CA