Meet Your Designer

Home is a sacred place, and I’ve seen how design can be a therapeutic tool for enhancing our wellbeing.

Milja Penic 

Key Designer & Landscape Architect

Urban Industrial | Light & Airy | Desert Chic


Home is a sacred place for everyone. Growing up in Serbia, Milja’s favorite spaces were always outdoors, particularly where nature meets the moments of everyday life. These experiences rooted in her a firm belief that a symbiosis of nature and architecture promises a healthier and happier life.

With a master’s degree in architecture and extensive professional background in residential projects, Milja brings a deep technical expertise to her landscape design work. She is a YardKit superstar for spaces that call for modern solutions and multi-disciplinary collaboration across environmental design and construction disciplines.

Her design style leans contemporary, with functionality and sustainability always in mind, yet she has an inspired ability to make every space feel immediately known, welcoming, and cared for. As she designs, Milja imagines creating a private oasis that makes a home not just welcoming, but enchanting.

A fun fact: Milja is also an internationally published author of a dozen scientific papers on sustainability in environmental design, most recently in Applied Mechanics and Materials.

San Diego, CA