Measure, plan, and start changing your yard with a simple, do-it-yourself process. Workbooks, vellum drawing plans, and all the handy accessories you need to reimagine your space.


Printed and assembled in the USA. 


Think of it as a landscape architect in a box.

If you're a self-starter and need a holistic, creative design for your property, DIY Kit is the right fit. Through 5 simple steps that will take about 8 hours, DIY Kit will help you plan a beautiful new space. 


How the Process Works


Through five interactive activities, DIY Kit walks you through the steps a designer would take to create a plan for your property — zero design or landscaping experience needed! Just follow our instructions step-by-step and you'll be amazed with what you'll produce. 


Step One
Diagram Property Base

First, you'll create a simple, yet realistic, outline of your property.

Step Two
Zone Use Areas

Second, we'll have you map out how you and your family want to use your outdoor space. 

Step Three
Add New Amenities

Then, you'll explore a large menu of amenities and see what fits on your base map. 

Step Four
Combine Concept Plan

Lastly, we'll help you ensure that all spaces are connected and match your style.


What You'll End With

You'll finish DIY Kit with not only a sense of pride, but a thoughtful, tailored plan you can present to an HOA, give to a contractor, or use to guide your own renovations. 


A New Backyard

Re-envisioning a dying lawn with improper drainage made room for a pleasant journey to a relaxing deck and dining area nestled under the trees beyond. 


What's Inside 

DIY Kit includes everything you need to build a tailored, holistic design for your yard.



Essential Goodies

-  Clipboard for a Yard Tour
-  Extra long measuring tape
-  6" scale
-  Mechanical pencil
-  Sunscreen, just for fun



Yard Tour Guide to see your yard like a designer would.

Base Map Guide gives a realistic sense of your space.

Use Areas Guide for different activity zones.

What's Possible Guide with 60+ ideas for new amenities.
Design Guide
 to connect spaces and match your style.

Next Steps on hiring, budgets, and what not to do.


Stackable Drawing Plans

Base Map outline of your property

Use Areas for exploring compatible activities

Amenities to test fit new features and furniture

Design concept that pulls everything together 


Notable Benefits


The Most Cost-Effective Design Approach Around

Hiring a landscape designer costs an average of $4,000. YardKit's mission is to make design more affordable, so we put our profession's secrets into DIY Kit. With straightforward workbooks and accessories, anyone willing to dedicate the time can come to a superb outcome. 


A Family-Friendly Activity

The DIY Kit process is a great couple or family activity. When everyone has a voice as you think through options, you'll build camaraderie and consensus as you shape your plan. This consensus makes it far more likely that everyone will like the end result.


Finish with a Measurable Plan

By layering semi-transparent paper ("vellum," in architect speak) through the various steps, you'll find out which amenities will work within your property's square footage and how to tie all the parts together.  


Use Simple Tools of the Trade

Do you love a good toolkit as much as we do? DIY Kits includes design and construction goodies to make the process easy, and help you look like a pro. 



Risk-free design

100% happiness, guaranteed.

We mean it when we say we love landscapes, and we want you to love yours, too. If you feel like we just can't fit your needs, we guarantee we'll find a way to make it right.