Our Proven, DIY Kit Process


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Step 1: Take a Yard Tour

Get to know your property as a landscape designer would, by answering important questions and conducting basic measurement. Don’t worry, these don’t have to be perfect!

Allow about 45 minutes

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Step 2: Make A Base Map

Your DIY Kit will help you draw these measurements on a base map and jot down important information about your property's current conditions. You’ll also map microclimates basics like sunny and shaded areas.

About 60 minutes


Step 3:  Use Areas

Think about how you and your family would most like to use your yard. Do you like to host, want an area for an outdoor kitchen, or need a play space for your children? Considering these all in parallel creates a cohesive design that will work with your space — no matter its size.

About 60 minutes

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Step 4: What’s Possible

Here, you'll explore hundreds of fun options for making the most of your outdoor spaces. These are printed on vellum (trace paper) to the scale of your drawing, so you’ll be able to instantly know if that hot tub you've always dreamed about would actually fit. 

About 1.5 hours



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Step 5:  Design Guide

Now it's time to tie it all together. In this step, connect the dots to create your full plan and refine it to match your style. You'll be able to use this to dialog with a contractor or hand over to your HOA. 

About 2.5 hours


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Next Steps

You'll close with tips, ideas, and typical pitfalls in implementing your vision, from budgeting to hiring, to the long-term care of your yard.

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