Frequently Asked Questions


+ Which product is right for me?

If you're happy with the general layout of your yard, but need to re-think your plants and their placement, Plant Kit is for you. If you need a comprehensive design for either your whole yard or an area in your yard, take a look at either DIY Kit (a self-service process) or Vision Kit (a technology and profesionally-assisted process).

+ What does Plant Kit include?

With Plant Kit, we'll study-up on your zipcode to determine what grows best and how these tie together. We'll leave you with a custom plant palette of hardy, locally-suited plant species, a design guide on how to think about plant height, texture, and color in your yard, and lastly, and installation guide so you know how to buy the plants, what to ask at a nursery, and how to lay them out.

+ Am I capable of using DIY Kit?

We like to call our DIY Kit the first ever landscape architect in a box. It's tailor made for those who like jumping into projects and makes for a fabulous family activity. Through 5 simple steps, we'll walk you through a full process that helps you measure your yard, draw out a to-scale base plan, and discover what amenitities you should put where and how they should be connected. Sounds complicated? Don't worry. If you just follow our instructions step-by-step you'll be amazed with what you'll produce. Anyone can do it. If you're still nervous, try Vision Kit and we'll pull in one of our professionals.

+ Will you visit my property with Vision Kit?

YardKit's design process is conducted remotely! We'll have you measure your yard through an easy-to-use app and that, combined with satellite images enable us to get to a fabulous outcome, more efficently and at lower cost.

+ What are the deliverables of Vision Kit?

With Vision Kit, our licensed professionals will collaborate with you through our process to deliver a plan that sets the overall vision for your property. We'll ensure that all selected outdoor areas are thoughtful, useful, and cohesive. In addition, we'll build a custom style guide, materials pallate, surfaces notes, and installation approach. From there, you can either hand this over to a contractor, present it to your Homeowner's Association for approvals, or start building on your own whenever you're ready.

+ How long does Vision Kit take to make?

You can expect to have a final deliverable within two weeks, though we'll be interacting with you along the way to learn about your style preferences, outdoor-living ambitions, and budgetary constraints for any build-out.

+ What if I want to give Plant Kit or DIY Kit as a gift?

What a great idea! We're happy to include a hand-written gift note in your box, just email us right away at We never include receipts or inventory / packing slips inside any of our boxes, knowing that they have been emailed to the buyer.

+ Have a different product question or bit of feedback?

We'd love to help, and we're always looking for feedback. Send a note our way:



Orders and Shipping

+ How long will my Plant Kit take to arrive?

Plant Kit as a digital deliverable, but given that we have to research plants suitable to your location, we ask for a week before delivery.

+ How long will my DIY Kit take to arrive?

Orders take 2-3 days to process and 1-6 days to ship, depending on where it's going and what shipping option you select at checkout. If you're in a pinch, we'll try to help, just email us at

+ Is shipping included in DIY Kit?

We're always striving to keep shipping costs low, though DIY Kit shipping is an additional cost.

+ Help, I just realized my order address was wrong!

We’ll help you get your DIY Kit to the right place. Send us a note at, or call 415-226-6605 with your order number and the correct address. So long as your order hasn’t shipped, we’ll update the address prior to sending your Kit. If it's already on the way, we'll do our best to reroute it through your selected shipping option.

+ I forgot to add my promo code!

We know the feeling. Please reach out to with your order number and the code you'd like to use. (Please note that price adjustment requests must be made within 24 hours of placing your order.)

+ What's your return policy?

If you're not happy with your resuults, we're happy to refund the purchase price within 30 days. We only ask that you tell us why so we can make it more useful to you next time!

+ Have a different question about an order?

Reach out at We'd love to help!