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YardKit. Your first stop to a Garden of Eden in your own backyard.

Start outdoor renovations with ideas for outdoor living, tailor-made by pros for your property. 


Outdoor renovations are complicated. Permits, picking plants, planning systems. All you want is a space to enjoy. Let YardKit do the work.

Team up with a professional landscape designer to plan your outdoor renovations. You'll get a beautiful vision tailor-made for your property.

Before diving into the weeds, ...

The first remote landscape design. The orginal. We know design.

Our first-ever remote design process guides homeowners through a streamlined collaboration to find the right solutions for outdoor living spaces. It's an eye-opening, personalized experience that empowers you with a real plan in hand before starting any expensive renovation projects. 

Our Services

We Curate Pick the Stuff

Pick the materials, furniture, accessories, and decor that bring your outdoor spaces to life. Look great together. Shopping list ready to buy. Suited to your style and budget.

We Design Lifestyle Possibility

Sifting through all the inspiration and information out there is completely overwhelming. Wondering what will actually work in your space? Our landscape designers work with you to imagine the possibilities for your lifestyle and find real solutions tailor-fit to your property.

Great spaces start with good design. Start with YardKit.

Reno Roadmap

Design isn't just decorating. Outdoor renovations are complicated. Permits, picking plants, planning systems. All you want is a space to enjoy. Your style, schedule, budget.

We know, we've been through it. Let YardKit do the work.


What Good Landscapes Will Get You



map of all the benefits (homeowners across US or some tracking thing)

Add 20%+ to your home's value.

Your outdoor spaces are an extension of your home's livable area, when planned for usability. 

Curb appeal matters. See. Set yourself apart with personality. 

Landscape enhancements offer an average ROI of 150% (the general rule of thumb is to invest 10% of your home value on improvements.)


Save upwards of 50% on Utilities

Plants help cool air by providing shade and evaporating soil moisture, which can reduce air conditioning costs by 50%. Plants well-suited to your climate can use up to 60% less water


Improve Your Family's Health

Exposure to nature (even looking out at plants from a window) significantly improves many health markers in kids and adults. Landscapes lower cortisol, improve cognition, and positively affect mental health. Home gardens also improve air and water quality around your home by breaking down these pollutants. 

Your community benefits, too: adding green spaces also helps to reconnect wildlife — those birds and butterflies are a good sign—and natural systems that are broken by expanses of roads and buildings. Plus, neighborhoods with well-maintained yards have much lower crime rates. 


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Our Customers


Great yards start with a great design. Some YardKit customers have never approached an outdoor renovation, while others want a fresh approach. 

We've meticulously streamlined each step of the landscape design process to get our customers to beautiful possibilities, more easily and cost effectively. 


Henry's Backyard

Henry's creek-front property had good ingredients, but lacked the strategy and amenities needed to lure him and his guests outside for relaxing afternoons.

See Henry's Project  >>

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Laurel and Jerry's Property

Laurel and Jerry's lovely, but overgrown, landscape needed a holistic vision to ensure that their step-by-step improvements mapped onto a path toward a dream landscape. 

See Laurel and Jerry's Project  >>


Sonja's Front Yard 

Sonja and her family loved their urban courtyard, but they soon recognized that as their daughter grew, their outdoor space needed to transition too. 

See Sonja's Project  >>


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