The 2018 Gift Guide: Gifts You Can Feel Good About Giving:


At YardKit we love gift-giving, especially when the perfect present is also an environmentally friendly choice. Here are a few timeless choices that will help you find something for everyone.

YardKit designers rounded up our favorite outdoor-minded gifts. Below, you’ll find something for even the most impossible-to-shop for in-law or friend who has everything. We love environmentally-friendly products and gifts that help folks enjoy the great outdoors.

We've even *starred* those you can overnight on Amazon Prime. Get your shopping done before the panic of last-minute shopping trips or overnight rush shipping fees set in, then treat yourself to free time in fresh air.


Easy Finds Under $25

Surprise your coworker secret Santa or book club buddy with an affordable, nature-inspired treat that beats the usual gift card.

1 — Geometric holder* ($9.99 Amazon) and airplants* (7.95 Amazon)
2 — Everlane ethically made baseball cap ($22 Everlane)
3 —
JusTea loose peppermint tea from Kenyan artists ($14 The Little Market)
4 — Stance Pop Palm socks ($14 Stance)
5 — Grow a Tree ($8.99 Sequoia Trees)
6 — Magnolia Seeds ($3 Magnolia Market)
7 — Capri luggage tag by Guatemala artisans ($18 The Little Market)


For Those Who Need a Vacay

If you know someone who needs a bit more indulging that activity, help them out with these resort-ready finds they can use in their own backyards.

1 — Waterproof Kindle e-reader* ($250 Amazon)
2 — CBD-infused tea ($96 for a case VYBES)
3 — Mesh pool float ($74) and cover ($44 Front Gate)
4 — World’s Finest pool noodle ($59 Front Gate)
5 — Philips alarm clock with colored sunrise and fading sunset night light* ($105 Amazon)


For the Impossibly On-Point

Have any of those chic friends who area always put together, up on the latest trends, and make it all seem effortless? They’ll appreciate an artsy gift that is unquestionably cool.

1 — Stutterheim x Band of Outsiders Stockholm Rain Coat ($395 Stutterheim)
2 — ‘Venice Beach’ by alphalight ($19.99 SocietySix)
3 — Pommade Concrete hand and foot cream (35,00 € L'Officine Universelle Buly)
4 — Bird of Paradise enamel pin ($12.50 Rare Device)
5 — Stutterheim x Novesta waterproof Rain Star sneakers ($84 Stutterheim)


For the Garden Party-Ready

For fun-loving friends and family with a newly minted backyard, give a gift that will keep giving a year of gatherings and parties long after the holidays are over.

1 — Globe string lights* ($56 Amazon)
2 — Bird Feeder ($115 Gloster)
3 — Fayette natural palm accent chair ($550 The Citizenry)
4 — ‘Winter is Coming’ Game of Thrones doormat ($32 Etsy)
5 — Cantaro Pots ($250 The Citizenry)


For the Farm-to-Table Foodie

Show your gratitude for those freshly cut flowers and home-grown tomatoes you get throughout the year with these gifts for food-lovers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty.

1 — Seedlip non-alcoholic herbal spirits ($36 Seedlip)
2 — Handmade Moon ceramics ($40+ Luv Haus)
3 — Jardin reusable flower garden tote ($40 Aplat)
4 — Cantarito Pot cocktail cups ($8 Grant Bros)
5 — Pineapple Co. metals straws ($8 W&P)


For the Outdoor Fitness Fiend

Show someone you love some respect by taking their new years resolution seriously. (Or, for those already fitness-inclined, find something they don’t already have.)

1 — TRX Tactical ($187 TRX)
2 — Reusable bkr Spiked glass Waterbottle ($42 Sak’s)
3 — Serve Tab Running socks ($14 Stance)
4 — Herban Essentials eucalyptus-scented towelettes* ($15 Amazon)
5 — Leather AirPod Case ($24.99 AirVinyl) with Apple AirPods ($159 Apple)


Outdoor Fun for Little Ones

It can be hard to compete with screen time, but these gifts are sure to make any kid happy. 

1 — Blockitecture Parkland* ($27 Amazon)
2 — Digital Basketball Hoop ($199 Pottery Barn Kids)
3 — Mini cactus planters ($28 Magnolia Market)
4 — Up & Down: Explore the World Above and Below* by Viction-Viction and Tang Wenjia ($16 Amazon)
5 — Bling-O goggles* ($20+ Amazon)
6 — Loll kids adirondack chairs ($294 Loll)


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