Closing Gift Ideas: The Definitive Guide

At YardKit, we've heard from realtors who give our landscape ideas kits to clients celebrating their big move. Here's a list of other things we're loving right now for new homebuyers.

Signing day is like crossing a marathon finish line, and your clients will remember a medal. A great closing gift leaves a strong impression with your clients, reinforcing the hard work you've put into their sale and reminding clients of your services for referrals or future transactions. Whether you're looking for a grand display or a demure keepsake, and have a budget of $16 or $100 or more, this is the definitive list for memorable, contemporary closing gift ideas. 

01   The Bouqs Co  subscription , $40+     02   Terrain  protea wreath , $98   03   Goldbely  bagel subscription , $49+     04   YardKit  landscape box , $120   05   WithCo  cocktail mix , $20   06   Friends of the High Line  membership , $40 / American Museum of Natural History  membership , $115 / SFMOMA  membership , $100

01  The Bouqs Co subscription, $40+    02  Terrain protea wreath, $98  03  Goldbely bagel subscription, $49+    04  YardKit landscape box, $120  05  WithCo cocktail mix, $20  06  Friends of the High Line membership, $40 / American Museum of Natural History membership, $115 / SFMOMA membership, $100


T H E   E X P E R I E N C E

For many movers, a moment of joy may far outweigh a token that becomes yet another thing to box up. Timing these deliveries to a particular phase — like moving day, or the first week or year in a new home — is a thoughtful and joyful experience for haggard homebuyers. 

Seasonal Gift
A bouquet landing on a new doorstep is a beautiful surprise. Services like Bouqs (01) makes it easy to set up a subscription account, so you can offer a little personal touch without any added time on your end. After making their new dream home a possibility, a floral wreath for a buyer's new front door, like this protea creation from Terrain (02), is also a beautiful and apropos gift from a realtor or loan officer. 

Moving Day Meal
Time a Goldbely (03) delivery of a regional dessert to celebrate their new city or ease homesickness for an old neighborhood. Or, surprise families with a gourmet pizza subscription for family dinners in their new home and treat them to a box of real New York bagels for their first breakfast. 

Landscape Help
Most homebuyers undertake renovations within the first year of moving in to personalize their home, though they often don't know where to begin. YardKit (04) gives homeowners the tools they need to explore fresh ideas for their outdoor spaces and pull ideas together into a cohesive vision. The kit arrives in a colorful box with workbooks and helpful tools bundled in a linen bag and a handwritten note.  

Cocktail Mixers for Celebratory Drinks
For a trend-setting client, WithCo (05) just-launched company mixes up a contemporary take on classic cocktails (or mocktails!) with fresh, organic ingredients. 

Museum or Conservancy Membership
Celebrate local amenities by gifting a museum or garden membership (06) to new homeowners. Donating in their name to a local history or art museum will often provide them with free entry passes and discounts for the entire year, while supporting a great cause. Large parks and botanical gardens often have a conservancy of supporters who keep public spaces looking beautiful — and host special parties and extend access hours for members.

01   General Store  key ring , $30   02 The Coconut Room    Admiral Tray , $240   03   Best Made Co  matchbox , $78    04   Best Made Co  fountain pen , $80   05   Armadillo & Co.  weave mat , $90   06   The Line  Hay scissors , $16 /  equilateral nails , $30 /  ebony tape measure , $18      07   Heath Ceramics  large mug , $36   08   Falcon Enamelware  cook's candle , £19.50 09   Best Made Co.  toolbox , $98

01  General Store key ring, $30  02The Coconut Room Admiral Tray, $240  03  Best Made Co matchbox, $78   04  Best Made Co fountain pen, $80  05  Armadillo & Co. weave mat, $90  06  The Line Hay scissors, $16 / equilateral nails, $30 / ebony tape measure, $18     07  Heath Ceramics large mug, $36  08  Falcon Enamelware cook's candle, £19.5009  Best Made Co. toolbox, $98


T H E   U S E F U L   K E E P S A K E

A high-quality keepsake in a classic style makes a gift timeless. By gifting something both useful and decorative, your clients will think of you often as they settle into their new home.  

A creative keyring or fob (01) for your client's new house key is a small trinket that forever evokes good memories. It also won't take up space amongst all the moving boxes. Keep this one classy — stick to a simple shape in a sturdy metal, and keep company logos off at all costs. 

Upgraded Tools
Create a bundle of moving day essentials like brass scissors, artisan nails, and a sleek tape measure (06). Or, give an industrial-strength toolbox (09) your client will still be proud to display as decor inside. A beautiful matchbox will certainly come in handy for a family facing pilot lights and power outages (03).

My mom still uses the double boiler that her realtor bought her over thirty years ago. Those gifts you likely wouldn't have bought for yourself are often future treasures that create countless memories with friends and family. A newly married couple will love a pair of handmade Heath mugs (07) to match their new house's colors. Other ideas: a marble serving tray (02) for more established clients, or a budget-friendly enamelware cook's candle for millennials (08). 

Signing Pen
An old standby, but always a favorite. Giving your clients a beautiful pen (04) as they sign their closing papers will make the moment golden. 

Welcome Mat
Sure, it's not the most romantic gift, but walking towards the front door is a poignant moment your clients will experience each time they walk into their new home. Leave a lasting impression with a quality welcome mat (05). 

01   Minted  custom map , $41+     02   BOXFOX  Grazie box , $34   03   Simone LeBlanc  Celebration Suite  box, $75   04   Bella Forte Design  binder , $80+     05   Aesop  room spray , $55  06   Minted  house portrait , $41+     07   The Little Market  Sugar Sugar box , $68

01  Minted custom map, $41+    02 BOXFOX Grazie box, $34  03  Simone LeBlanc Celebration Suite box, $75  04  Bella Forte Design binder, $80+    05  Aesop room spray, $55 06  Minted house portrait, $41+    07  The Little Market Sugar Sugar box, $68


T H E   P E R S O N A L I Z E D   M E M E N T O

Thanks to the internet, you can customize just about anything. All the more reason to dial in on a token tailored to your client and one reminiscent of your role in this unforgettable moment of their lives. 

Custom House Portrait
Minted (01 + 06) pulls from its vast collective of artists to create custom house portraits or city maps by simply uploading a picture or map of your client's new house. Their range of frame and printing options allow you to pick budget-friendly pigment prints, or splurge on larger letterpress portraits. 

Curated Gift Box
Leave the basket behind and opt for a sleek box of useful treats tailored to your client. Simone LeBlanc (03) creates elegant boxes with classic treats like gilded playing cards, hand-made kitchen linens, and gourmet chocolate. Millennials will love the on-trend goodies inside BoxFox (02), who fills their gift boxes with colorful, seasonal items like candles, paper goods, candies, and teas. For the socially minded, The Little Market (07) curates gift boxes with fair trade and ethically sourced homewares and always includes a note about the international artisan who made the box's contents.

Folio of Signing Documents
Help your clients keep their important signing documents together in a bookcloth-clad binder (04). Custom emboss the buyer's new address on the folio or binder cover to make this closing gift truly memorable. 

Room Spray
Select a signature scent (05) for your client's new living spaces. Pick sandalwood and musk for more masculine vibes, like a new bachelor pad, or lighter aromas of lavender and citrus to celebrate a young family's starter home.


Tie it up with a memorable presentation. Add a handwritten note to every gift (or just send the card, if you opt not to give a gift at all). Though often used for weddings, a personalized map of your favorite spots around town would be a creative token to tie on top of your gift. Artists on Etsy can mark your go-to coffee shop, trailhead, and city highlights. To stay top of mind in your clients' good graces, you can even send a 'Happy Anniversary' card one year later. 

Janice Nicol