Unique Housewarming Gifts: A Fresh Start for A New Yard


How do you celebrate friends who just bought a house with a unique housewarming gift? Deliver some tea towels? Bake them a pie? Give them an Amazon gift card?

While those are thoughtful options, stats show your friends are likely wishing for something to help them make their new house feel like home. Upwards of 89% of home buyers plan to make major improvements within the first year of their move, with over half of these upgrades made outdoors.  

To most new homeowners, settling into a new home is the perfect time to think about how to personalize outdoor spaces. Studies show that your friends will likely tackle renovations that shape spaces to suit their style, with 85% or more of home buyers citing customization as a key motivator for projects completed in their first year of ownership.

At YardKit, we’ve had enough people ask us whether our kits would be a nice personalized housewarming gift that we decided to emphasize why our response is always a resounding ‘yes!.' Figuring out what to do with a new property can be a daunting task — YardKit can help get the process rolling.

Here’s what it feels like to be a new homeowner, staring into a new back yard, and how YardKit can help.


Emotion #1:  There’s so much work to be done, how on earth am I going to get it all done?

Knowing how to start is half the battle. YardKit walks new homeowners through a step-by-step process to make a Concept Plan, which lays out a design for the entire property. We’ve found that creating a holistic, unique vision helps to reveal clear priorities of which improvements are most important (or motivating!). Whether installation of these improvements happens all at once or a little at a time, by DIY-ers or those that will hire a contractor, homeowners know that their investments will all connect into a cohesive and functional landscape.

The Concept Plan process helps homeowners identify how they’d most like to use their outdoor space, note what existing features are worth keeping or need to go, and then draw a design diagram that can kickstart the renovation process. YardKits also include a Next Steps guide for navigating the often-confusing landscaping world. Plus, you may save your friend hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars on design fees — money that could go towards a new patio or pool that elevates your social life next year.


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Emotion #2: I’d love to barbecue next summer and can’t wait to use my yard, but it’s so far from having the things I want.

The best-loved outdoor spaces match the lifestyle of their owners. Active families with young kids may flock to an open lawn for slip-n-slides and birthday parties, where a meditative nature-lover would rather use that same space for a cutting garden with beautiful blooms.

Dialing in on the amenities that fit the homeowner is an important step towards a great design. The YardKit process spurs awareness of how a yard can best fit its users, and even includes a What's Possible guide with hundreds of fun ideas for maximizing and personalizing outdoor spaces. 


Emotion #3:  I have decision fatigue. After tackling our interior renovations, I’ve tried to start on the back yard but I’m already about to give up after a few frustrating trips to the home store. 

For many new homeowners, landscape improvements follow close behind improvements to indoor living spaces. After making countless decisions for interior projects — Which size of subway tiles should go in the shower? What color should we stain the hardwood floor? Where do we source the stone for kitchen countertops? — starting anew with landscape projects can seem exhausting.

Renovation projects are often longer and costlier than expected — nearly half of home renovators say they spent more than anticipated on projects during their first year — a challenge made worse when design decisions are made after construction is already underway. Having a solid plan before beginning any installation work makes the whole process much smoother. 


Want to give your friends a housewarming gift they’ll really use? Give them the first step towards a unique, personalized yard. Gifting a YardKit will help friends kick start the outdoor renovations that they’re likely already planning. You’ll spare your friends the stress of starting from scratch, save them money in the process, and look forward to your next gathering outdoors. 


Janice Nicol