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Plant Kit

Start planting with custom palettes of hardy plants, picked by landscape experts specifically for your property


Bring your landscape to life with plants tailored to your climate and needs. 

YardKit's national team of landscape experts will pick what plants will look great together and are appropriate for your yard.

Upon checkout, you'll answer a few questions about your property, then YardKit will work with local plant experts to create your list. You’ll receive your digital palette within a week. 


Hone in on plants that will accomplish your landscape goals. We'll account for your favorite styles, plus common concerns like deer or allergies. All Plant Kits include:

A Custom Plant Palette
Hardy, locally-suited ground cover, shrub, vine, and tree species

Planting Design Guide
Consider plant height, texture, and colors as our designers would with their distilled overview of how to lay out plants on your property.

Plan Installation Guide
20+ pages of expert planting directions for the most common questions we hear. You'll learn how to read plant tags, prepare planting beds, and what to ask at a nursery.

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How It Works


Our Pros Pick Plants

Answer a few simple questions on checkout, and YardKit experts will study up on your area.


Get Your Materials

We'll create a selection organized to make picking and installing plants a breeze. You'll receive your custom plant palette and support guides by email within a week.


Plan, Buy, and Install

Review your Design and Installation Guides (included in every Plant Kit), and start planting. You can also hand your list over to a gardener to order and install. 


What Plants Make Possible

The right plants in the right place can transform outdoor spaces. Plants add curb appeal, shelter patios and play areas from wind and sun, and make outdoor spaces more welcoming. 


All of the Benefits


Curb Appeal

Creating a a welcoming entry has a massive impact on curb appeal. Landscape enhancements can result in a 215% return in home value.

Great Views

Even looking at plants has shown to reduce stress, improve health, and enhance overall happiness. Plus, they add privacy and can minimize neighboring noise. 

Nice Spaces 

Planting beds, planters and pots, vine trellises, and lawn expanses can give definition to a variety of outdoor living areas. Plants also reduce temperatures, block wind, and minimize noise, so you'll find new, usable spaces in compact or expansive yards alike. 

Money Saved

Shade from trees can reduce air conditioning costs by 50% and plants suited to your climate can use up to 60% less water. Plus, plants clean pollution from water and air, enrich habitat for local wildlife, and reconnect complex ecological systems. Planet earth will thank you.

Less Erosion 

The right plants help to safeguard slopes from erosion by wind and water. Similarly, they prevent open areas from wearing away and keep topsoils in place.

More Fun 

Give yourself and your family a reason to go outside. Research shows that plants enhance overall happiness. Tree-line neighborhoods reduce crime, while improving health markers like blood pressure. The right outdoor spaces also strengthen social connections.



Risk-free design

100% happiness, guaranteed.

We mean it when we say we love landscapes, and we want you to love yours, too. If you feel like we just can't fit your needs, we guarantee we'll find a way to make it right.