Real Yards,
Real Changes.


Read below about real YardKit clients bringing beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces. 

My designer was able to incorporate a vision with the needs of my project. Thank you for the great work.

An Updated
Entry Court

Sonja reached out in frustration after a failed installation project—poorly selected plants were dying and water was cracking and staining the stone pavement.

With a fresh vision for styling to match her home's distinctive character, Sonja was able to bring back life to her garden beds, install proper systems, and keep spaces where her daughter plays kid-friendly. 

Plant Picks
Hardy shrubs with seasonal interest, narrow trees & privacy hedges


A Polished
City Terrace

After moving into an urban flat, Unni and her family were looking forward to making the most of every square inch of their property.

Unni’s new terrace creates a lush space to enjoy downtown views, take on light gardening, and enliven views from inside.

Plant Picks
Compact plant varieties for containers & coastal tolerance

I am so impressed. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us—I feel like we leapt forward by miles!

The comments I get from friends are ‘it looks like an outdoor museum.’

A Fresh

Though his creek-front property had good bones and beautifully grown-in trees, Henry's yard lacked cohesion with the rustic modern style of his home.

Henry replaced a mess of deer-eaten plants with a protected fruit orchard and meandering paths immersed in wildflowers.

A relaxing fire pit takes the place of trash storage just outside his kitchen windows, with an array of plants that do well in his shady California microclimate.  

Plant Picks
Low-water lawn, easy-care groundcovers, deer-tolerant shrubs