Try our proven process, finish with a cohesive design for your property.


YardKit includes five workbooks, vellum drawing plans, and all the handy accessories you need to give your property a fresh start.  


What's Inside


E S S E N T I A L   G O O D I E S

  • Clipboard for your Yard Tour
  • Extra long measuring tape
  • 6" scale 
  • Erasable mechanical pencil
  • Sunscreen


  • Yard Tour Guide
  • Base Map Guide
  • Use Areas Guide
  • What's Possible Guide with 60+ Ideas
  • Design Guide
  • Next Steps

V E L L U M   D R A W I N G   P L A N S

  • Base Map of your property
  • Use Areas bubble diagram 
  • Test fit new Amenities
  • Final design Concept Plan diagram

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Save Thousands of Dollars

Landscape design at a fraction of the price. Six straightforward workbooks — and accessories — designed by landscape experts to guide you to a Concept Plan specifically for your property.

Save thousands of dollars on design fees (about $4,000 on average) and kickstart the outdoor projects that will make your outdoors spaces you love. 


Follow Step-by-Step Workbooks

In 5 steps, walk through the steps a designer would take to make a plan for your property. Zero design or landscaping experience needed!

After making a map of your property,  you'll gain a better understanding of your yard's potential and incorporate new ways of enjoying outdoor areas. Draw it all up in a single diagram to kickstart those outdoor renovations.

You can finish the steps all in one day, or complete them a little at a time, to work with your schedule. 


End with a Concept Plan

Four prompts for thinking about your yard and its possibilities will add up to a cohesive design plan for your entire property.

By layering semi-transparent paper ("vellum," in architect speak) with different prompts, you'll gain a better understanding of how you and your family will best use your space, which amenities will work in your property's square footage, and how to tie all the parts together.


Use Simple Tools of the Trade

Do you love a good toolkit as much as we do? All Kits include design and construction goodies to make the process easy, and make you look like a pro. 


Happiness, guaranteed

100% money back guarantee!

There's no risk here. If you don't find some value in your YardKit, we're happy to refund your purchase within 30 days. All we ask is that you tell us why so we can make it more helpful for you next time. 


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