Steps to Your Plan


Step 1

Take a Yard Tour

Get to know a property as a designer would, with key questions and basic dimensions.   


Step 2

Make a Base Map

Map important information about a property’s current conditions. 

Artboard 1.jpg
Artboard 2.jpg

Step 3

Look at Use Areas

Consider how to best use outdoor spaces, designating what makes sense to change, and where.  

Artboard 3.jpg

Step 4

Play with What's Possible

Experiment with new amenity ideas (you'll have a collection of more than 60!) to add more areas for outdoor living and to see what will fit in your space. 

Artboard 4-color 2.jpg

Step 5

Put it on paper

With all the pieces in place, draw a custom Concept Plan following style guidelines provided.


Next Steps

Plan for implementation, budgeting, and long-term care of the yard.