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Custom Design

Let professional landscape designers create the design plan best suited to your property, remotely.



Vision Kit
Your plan for beautiful and cohesive outdoor spaces.

We'll bring you through an innovative, remote process that results in a cohesive design for your property at a fraction of the usual cost

If you're looking for more support jumpstarting your landscape renovations, our licensed professionals are here to help. 

You’ll customize the Vision Kit that’s right for you. Tell us more about what you have planned, and we’ll share the Kit options best suited to your project.


How It Works


After getting to know your yard—what it is now, and what you'd like it to become—YardKit designers will personalize a plan for your unique property. 



Tell Us About You

Fill out our Style Quiz and Yard Tour surveys, then we'll guide you through an easy-to-use app that sends us photos and dimensions. 


Let YardKit Create a Vision

YardKit designers will suggest optimal additions and ensure your property vision ties together thoughtfully and elegantly. 


Build with Confidence

Refine your plan with our designers and finish with a cohesive vision for your property. Start building all in once or in phases knowing where your outdoor renovations will lead. 


We know landscape renovations can feel daunting — we're here to help.

With a bit of planning, the side yard below went from an unusable, overgrown walkway to a place for afternoon games of bocce with neighbors and friends. 

I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I started a landscaping project and gave up. Thank you YardKit! We finally feel like we’re spending money in the right way.
— Betsy Smits, YardKit Customer

What's Included

We ensure you have everything you'll need to take your yard to the next level.  


Design Plans

After learning more about your style, dreams, and budget, we deliver a thoughtful design plan for your outdoor space. 

Materials Palette

Based on your custom Vision Plan, we create a palette of materials, furniture, and amenities to guide your installation. Rest easy knowing the vision for your property is connected and cohesive, whenever you're ready to build. 


Installation Guidance

Whether you hire a contractor or roll up your sleeves on your own, we'll point you in the right direction to make sure your renovations happen.

You can also add:


Additional Areas

We start with the area you want to change, whether you front, back, or side yards. Though we collaborate entirely by your ambitions and needs, we do recommend looking at an entire property to be sure everything fits together well.


Planting Plans

If you need specifics on both planting palettes (what to plant) and planting plans (where to plan), we're happy to offer support. This level of detail may be required for approvals or by contractors.


Professional Advice

We can help you dial in on the installation specifics for your project. Whether its guidance on systems like irrigation and drainage, or bringing a design eye to paving patterns or furniture arrangements, we've seen it all and are ready to help.


Contractor Details

If you're hiring a contractor or submitting drawings for approvals and need more specific construction information, you have access to the expertise of YardKit's licensed landscape architects. 


Our Designers

YardKit rigorously vets top landscape design talent to find the experience, aesthetic standards, and enthusiasm needed to support your renovation needs. 


At YardKit, we have trained landscape designers, horticulturalists, and construction experts on hand to address all the sticky things that come up when reimagining an outdoor space. A nationally licensed landscape architect takes a look at every design that goes out the door. 

Before diving into your Vision Kit collaboration, our designers and facilitators will ask you to share your style and inspiration with us—whether you have a Pinterest board full of ideas or are just getting started.

We then guide you through a streamlined process that includes getting to know your yard and developing a design concept. After you share your feedback, we'll refine the design, create inspirational palettes of furniture and materials, and finalize a complete Vision Plan for your property. 



Risk-free design

100% happiness, guaranteed.

We mean it when we say we love landscapes, and we want you to love yours, too. If you feel like we just can't fit your needs, we guarantee we'll find a way to make it right.