Vision Kit
117 Arlene Terrace


Build your ideal Vision Kit by selecting any or all of these options. Follow your "shopping cart" to purchase and we'll kick things off!


Custom Vision Plan for Jennine's Backyard - $450

Take a tech-forward design journey towards new amenities and landscape solutions tailored to your property. Together, we'll expand opportunities for garden spaces, add privacy, and create a relaxing ambiance for your outdoor living spaces.

This bundle addresses your urban back yard and comes complete with a representative palette of materials and furnishings to guide installation projects. 

Add Backyard Design

Plant Palette and Design - $250

A planting layout locating species across your new Vision Plan design, with consideration for micro-climate conditions, water needs, and views.

You'll also receive a custom palette of hardy plants picked specifically for your property's climate and needs. Your final Plant Kit comes with guides on installing and caring for planting investments.

Add Planting Design

Installation Support - TBD

Access to the expertise of YardKit's licensed landscape architects, who can tailor specifics to the level of design detail required by your contractor. Details will typically run $25/each, depending on complexity.