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Apple Devices


YardKit has partnered with PLNAR to make it easy to use your iPhone or iPad to capture a few photos and basic measurements of your yard. All you need to do is follow PLNAR's easy-to-use process and your files will be sent to us automatically. 



  1. Follow this link to download the PLNAR for YardKit app onto your device.

  2. Create a yard perimeter by placing points at the corners of the area we are reimagining. Fence posts work best to mark these points, though a tree trunk or paving edge will do. 

  3. Use the main white button to place points. Finish the floor plan by hovering back over the first placed point and it will snap closed.

  4. Next, measure the height of any overhangs or major tree canopies by hovering over a wall segment or tree trunk. This will show the up arrow (Vertical) button — tap the Vertical button to drag the horizontal line up to the ceiling. Tap the Vertical button again to end the vertical measurement.

  5. Mark doors, gates, and openings onto your perimeter by hovering over the segment and selecting the type from the menu that appears. Do the same for windows. 

  6. Capture photos of your space with the camera button while measuring. These pictures will save to your photo gallery. Snap a picture of:
          A side-to-side view of each edge of the area
          Features that we should be sure to protect

  7. Save your yard plan to a project folder by pressing the save button in the bottom right corner. (You can view a project report by selecting the "files" button in the top right corner.)

  8. Send YardKit your project by selecting the arrow at the bottom of the project report and choosing “Send Project to YardKit".

Note:  At any time, you can undo your last placed point with the undo arrow while in drawing mode. You can also delete a structure at any time by hovering over it and selecting the trashcan button, or completely start the project over, by long pressing the undo button or + button.

Step 2: Measuring ground surfaces

Step 2: Measuring ground surfaces

Step 4: measuring overhead surfaces

Step 4: measuring overhead surfaces


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