Take Your Yard Tour


Get ready to really get to know your yard. Here, we ask you to film a short, 3-minute video tour of your yard, looking at the spaces as a landscape design professional might. You'll help the YardKit team get to know your outdoor space and how you imagine it coming to life, guiding the development of your personal Master Plan.

Take this guide to go with a printable PDF  >>

Touch on these 5 points and try to get visuals of the whole space that will be changing (even the boring spots — our favorites!):

  1. Start inside. Take a look through any windows that face out on the space we will be reimagining and describe what you see. 
  2. Move outdoors and tell us a bit about the people and pets who use your outdoor space.
    Who is in your family?
    Do you tend to invite friends and neighbors over?
    How do you live outdoors now, and how would you like to spend time in your dream yard?
  3. Describe how you'd experience this space.
    What points of entries bring you out there? (like doors from inside or garden gates)
    What problem areas need to go to make room for new features?
  4. To help us understand your yard's microclimate, show us any natural features. 
    Are there any hills, depressions, or topographic changes?
    What areas are sunniest and shadiest, and is there a cause for it (like a large tree)?
    Anything we should be sure to protect?

  5. We'll need to understand any utilitarian features to make your yard function well. 
    Where are any utilities that you see or know are hidden? (Irrigation, water mains, gas lines, overhead electrical wires, etc.)
    Where is trash picked up?
    Who does most of the yard maintenance?

 When you're done, email your video directly to your designer!