YardKit. Design a beautiful yard with professional help, at any budget. 


Our Purpose


We’re a team of landscape architects who were transformed by an epiphany: our services were simply too expensive, confusing, and out of reach for the average homeowner. This felt wrong. 

We all deserve beautiful, enjoyable outdoor spaces, so we’ve reinvented landscape design from the ground up. Building a great outdoor space should be simple, accessible, high quality, and affordable. 

Let's get working on a yard you'll love.


Our Products


Whether you're a weekend warrior for home improvements, or want the support of a professional designer digitally, we have a YardKit for you. 


Plant Kit - $65

When the overall layout of your property is working and fresh plantings are top of mind, we'll help you make the upgrade. 

You provide your address and plant needs, and our experts will get to work building you a custom palette of low-maintenance plants, complete with layout and installation guides. 


DIY Kit - $120

For the do-it-yourselfers, we've created the first ever "landscape architect in a box. "

Through our simple, proven 5-step process, you'll build a measurable plan for your yard that you can pass off to a contractor, submit to a homeowners association, or consult as soon as you pick up your shovel.  


Vision Kit  - $290+

If you prefer expert support, we will team you up with a licensed YardKit professional who can re-imagine your property. 

With Vision Kit, we've refined a remote, tech-forward process to create high-quality landscape designs at a fraction of the cost. YardKit professionals will help you translate your yard dreams into elegant, cohesive designs.


Our Customers


Great yards start with a great design. We work with budget- and design-conscious homeowners all over the United States through our innovative remote process. Some YardKit customers have never approached an outdoor renovation, while others are yearning for a new approach. 

We've meticulously deconstructed each step of the outdoor renovation design process to get our customers to a better outcome at lower cost. This enables beautiful possibilities. 


Henry's Backyard

Henry's creek-front property had good ingredients, but lacked the strategy and amenities needed to lure him and his guests outside for relaxing afternoons.

See Henry's Project  >>

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Laurel and Jerry's Property

Laurel and Jerry's lovely, but overgrown, landscape needed a holistic vision to ensure that their step-by-step improvements mapped onto a path toward a dream landscape. 

See Laurel and Jerry's Project  >>


Sonja's Front Yard 

Sonja and her family loved their urban courtyard, but they soon recognized that as their daughter grew, their outdoor space needed to transition too. 

See Sonja's Project  >>


Transform Your Lifestyle

Whether you'd like to unwind with friends around a fire pit on Friday night, or escape to a secret garden corner with a good book, new possibilities exist in your yard. We'll help you find them. 


Questions and Answers

Which product is right for me?

If you're happy with the general layout of your yard, but would like to rethink your plants and their placement, Plant Kit is for you. If you need a comprehensive design for either your whole yard or an area in your yard, take a look at either DIY Kit (a self-service process) or Vision Kit (a technology-drive process with professional design support).

What does Plant Kit include?

With Plant Kit, YardKit experts study up on your home's location to determine what grows best, being mindful of common concerns like deer and seasonal allergies. The result is a custom plant palette of hardy, locally-suited species that look great together. You'll also receive a companion Design Guide with tips for considering plant layout, style, and placement in your yard, as well as an Installation Guide so you know how to buy your plants, what to ask at a nursery, and how to keep new gardens happy.

Am I capable of using DIY Kit?

We like to call our DIY Kit the first ever "landscape architect in a box." It's tailor-made for those who like jumping into projects, or those who want to make the engaging process a family activity. Through five simple steps, we'll walk you through a process that helps you measure your yard, draw out a to-scale base plan, discover what amenities you can put where, and how to connect everything together. Anyone can do it. If you're still nervous, try Vision Kit and we'll pull in one of our professionals.

Will you visit my property with a Vision Kit?

YardKit's design process is conducted remotely! Thanks to new technology, we'll have you measure your yard through an easy-to-use app, which we combine with satellite imagery behind the scenes. This innovative process enables us to envision a fabulous outcome for your property more efficiently and at a far lower cost.

What are the deliverables of Vision Kit?

With Vision Kit, our licensed professionals will collaborate with you through our signature process to deliver a design that sets the overall vision for your property. We'll ensure that all selected outdoor areas are thoughtful, useful, and cohesive. We also build a custom style guide, a palette of surfaces and materials, and an installation approach custom to your style and project budget. From there, you can either hand this over to a contractor for a realistic bid, present it to your homeowner association for approvals, or start building on your own whenever you're ready.

How long does Vision Kit take to make?

You can expect to have a final deliverable within two weeks, though we'll be collaborating with you along the way to learn about your style preferences, outdoor living ambitions, and installation budget.


Have fun with our freebie

Free Cutout Kit Download

Spark your creativity with our free Cutout Kit printable. Slide around scaled templates of popular yard amenities with your family and make the right choices before spending a dime.