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YardKit is on a mission to make thoughtful design and personalized solutions accessible to all homeowners. Our network of top design talent integrates cutting-edge technologies and processes to bring new landscapes to life. If you're interested in shaking things up, and bringing your designs to the world, we welcome you to apply.


The Perks

YardKit Designer Careers offer flexible, rewarding opportunities for talented landscape architects and designers. Whether you're a seasoned industry professional or transitioning into the field, your background shapes the unique solutions YardKit customers rely upon, and we welcome you to apply.

Know that the hiring needs in our cities vary based on a number of factors, so please feel welcome to apply regardless of the region in which you are located. We’ll reach out if there is a fit.

A few of the perks:

Have Ultimate Flexibility

As a contractor, the hours you work are completely up to your discretion. Take on or turn down tasks as your schedule allows, and complete your work at any time of the day, just as long as you meet client timeframes.

Your office is anywhere you want it to be! We work remotely with our network of talented designers and contractors. To stay efficient, we've streamlined the standard design process and will provide efficient communication tools and graphic standards to apply to your creative thinking.  

Enjoy the Process

YardKit customers are forward-thinking, resourceful, and tech-savvy, and we're looking for the same in our talent network. YardKit clients understand the value of professional expertise, though few have had little experience interacting with landscape designers. It's important to us that the designer-client collaboration is positive and productive.  

Build Your Portfolio

Working remotely with clients across the country affords many opportunities to envision beautiful landscapes. Completed projects entail innovative landscape design thinking, from tech-forward site analyses to thoughtful expressions of functional uses and natural systems on scaled plans. 

Have a Rewarding Impact

Did you know that 102 million acres of the US that are residential landscape? YardKit was founded because many of these outdoor spaces sit vacant or in decline while homeowners struggle to navigate through the home renovation process. 

Join the mission to heal these landscapes, and you'll to help families enjoy more time outdoors, to heal damaged ecologies, and reverse some of the negative environmental impacts of urbanization. 

Apply to Be a Designer

Tell us about yourself! We draw upon a diverse network of designers with varying ranges of technical training, professional experiences, and geographical locations to meet the broad range of design and construction needs shared by YardKit customers. Hiring needs vary according to many factors, so we'll reach out if we see a fit. Feel free to apply regardless of your geographical location.

To be considered for YardKit collaborations, we require samples of previous design work. If your previous work is not visible on a web-based platform, please email your portfolio or work samples to


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We carefully consider regional expertise when pairing clients with designers. Thanks to YardKit's remote design innovations, designers do not need to travel to work sites or to YardKit offices.
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